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Craftsmith Roasters Co.
Brand story

Craftsmith is a professional team design and manufacture coffee roasters in Taiwan. Our roasters are made to ensure your coffee roasting with high consistency and at an affordable price.


Trade mark Craftsmith is chosen to stress on the mentality of craftsmanship and the working atmosphere of a blacksmith.

The essence of 

Craftsmanship: being passionate, one love to devote in constant developing better works and upgrade what they already good at.

Blacksmith: like every maker, one surely love to get their hands-on and get fun from the process of seeing metal cutting, bending, welding…


Craftsmith was trademarked in Nov. 2020.

Up to Nov. 2020 around 30 Craft-series roasters were purchased by local (Taiwan) specialty coffee artisans, and 3 others went abroad. Brand name of Craftsmith is put on reputable Craft-series and make its debut in 2020 Taiwan Int’l Coffee Show. 

One more little thing we do for you is that quite a few body colors are available. Please come and pick the one that fits the most into your working ambiance.

Why Craftsmith


1. Side burner design

It has many prominent advantages, such as less bean scorched or chaff burnt, accuracy of temperature controlling and compact and lighter body.


2. Major components are all from reputable Taiwan manufacturers

Major components are all from reputable Taiwan manufacturers, the quality speak for itself by satisfactory lifespan, less noise, less downtime, and the consistency of coffee roasting.


3. User-friendly design

User-friendly design makes regular maintenance less effort and less time-consuming.


4. Energy-efficient design

Energy-efficient design saves you much on operation cost.


5. Constant improvement

Constant improvement and development keep Craftsmith’s end users and distributors be at a better position against growing competition.


6. All Craftsmith roasters go with Artisan USB socket

Artisan is an open-source software that helps coffee roasters record, analyze, and control roast profiles.

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