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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the roasters covered by warranty?

Each Craftsmith roaster is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

Which size should I get?

It depends on your hourly and weekly production capacity requirement. We’ll recommend Craft 12 for a small scale business to start with.

Should I use a plug adapter?

There's no need to worry. When you place an order, we’ll make sure the roaster fits your area’s plug type, voltage and Frequency standard.

Any electric models available?

Burners work with LPG only. In our opinion, gas burners are more reliable, and easier to maintenance.

What is a stovetop type roaster? (DIY002)

It doesn’t come with built-in heating source. You can use a gas stove, electric heating element, charcoal grill as long as the source provides enough heat to roast green beans.

Do you offer worldwide distribution?

Yes, we do ex-works, ship by air (Fedex door to door delivery). If you are an experienced importer, we can ship by sea as well.

How can I get after-sale services?

All of our roasters come with guaranteed personal support. Just simply drop an e-mail or a social media message, also you can always reach Craftsmith crew via skype or zoom face to face.

How about the maintenance?

All of our roasters come with English user manual, and you can find the operating / maintenance instruction videos on our youtube channel.

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